The Perfect Wish ListDec. 14th

The holidays are moving fast! Buying gifts can be quite daunting. How many toys does a kid need?! The truth is, they don’t need as many as we want to get. They are happy with very few things and it’s less overwhelming. We spend less, which means not stressing as much over our financial lives. 

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We recently came across a genius way to get the perfect wish list. Pint Sized Treasures has the best way to give and receive during the holidays! Why haven’t we thought of this before?! You can feel good about giving and not spoiling. This theory lends the true meaning of the giving. Let’s hope the kids will learn to embrace this way;)


Growing GardenMar. 16th

The weather here has us all feeling like it’s summer! Pretty soon, the flowers will blooming and gardens will flourish. Time to start devising a plan for the yard. Most people know us for the hand and foot impressions we do for babies and kids. They make great gifts for the parents and grandparents;) We do much more than that though. Have you ever seen our stepping stones? They are adorable and add so much to your garden or backyard. We can add decorative accents and do them in any color. The kids will love them too! It’s fun to compare their growing hands to the tiny prints in the stones. Our stamping locations and dates are updated for every month and we can do private appointments upon request. Just think of how cute these will be at your home. The perfect keepsake!




Pink or Blue?Feb. 13th

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Don’t you find it interesting when you find out the answer to a question you never thought to ask? Did it ever cross your mind how we all assume pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Yeah, us either;) People are so quick to buy pink fro little girls. It’s like your brain can’t imagine what other color to get. Everything is floral and pink…for girls. Boys things are almost always blue and have some kind of “boy” image. A truck…a dinosaur…these are things that stamp “boy” on an item. We all think this way, but some of us make a conscious effort to break the mold. It wasn’t always this way. In fact, it used to be just the opposite. Here’s an interesting article about how we all came to believe that genders have a color code.

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Creating TraditionsDec. 16th

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Family is so very important, whether you have a traditional family, non-biological family or your family is made of friends and other family members. Tradition is what keeps family bonds strong and can be passed on.

I’m sure you can think of some traditions in your own family. Some people have Sunday dinners. Maybe you have a certain day of the week that the kids choose a movie or a menu for a meal. Whatever the tradition, it’s the meaning behind it that counts. It means strengthening ties between family members, providing a source for identity, it offers comfort and security, teaches values, connects generations, creates lasting memories and so many other things.

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Holidays are a great time to establish traditions. Visit your local tree farm and pick out a tree. Decorating the tree together or making cookies. Take a trip to the local hotel and see the big Christmas exhibit. Find out where the best light displays are. See a holiday production. Attend a midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, create ways to celebrate your faith or heritage in a fun and festive way. I’ll bet you can recall holiday traditions that you have carried into your own family.

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Here’s a very insightful and uplifting article about creating tradition. Enjoy the read and have a wonderful holiday season!