Don’t Forget the BabyJun. 24th


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Lately, we have been hearing many stories about parents who have left their children in hot cars. It’s a touchy subject and it’s something none of us wants to think about. Sad, indeed, but we all must be aware and educate ourselves to keep from repeating this in our own lives. It’s important for any parent or caregiver to take precautions, so things like this don’t change our lives for the worse. New parents be aware of your sleeping baby. This is the #1 culprit for forgetting your child! Almost every person who made the mistake was either out of their routine or just went on autopilot. There is a scientific explanation for this occurrence, so please check these articles for more info., tips and helpful info. Summertime means hot cars, altered routines and new caretakers. Please be safe and keep your kids safe!

Have a safe, fun summer!

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