Green ThumbApr. 20th

Do your kids love gardening? It’s tough to explain the drought to children, but we found some planet-friendly ways to garden with the kids. Being in Southern California, you have to be outside and take advantage of the good weather. These water-saving tips will let them continue to enjoy planting and caring for a garden. Get out the tools and gloves! We even show you the basic supplies you will need for a fun outdoor project in the dirt.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

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If you prefer to water on your own, make this up-cycled watering jug:
Easy gardening can save your time a lot it is also based on the preference to water on your own then you have to make up cycled watering jug by doing holes in jug. It is an easy way to watering plants and garden.

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Consider your pots, when re-potting. Use glazed terra cotta or plastic pots that aren’t porous.

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Grow what you need and know you will consume.

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Plant accordingly. Place plants that need more water together and separate the plants needing less.(

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Grow for the season. Only grow things that are in season to cut down on wasted water.

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Test for water. Dig in the soil to see if the plants even need more water, before you water.

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Collect the rain. Use pails or buckets to collect rain water to reuse for watering the garden.

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Go native. Plant things that are native to your region and can survive on minimal water. Chances are, if it’s native, it will survive even in a drought. If droughts are common in your region, it is likely that your native plants are used to less water.

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Do your part to save water and still have fun in the garden. Here is a great PDF that can help you find more ways to save water. Stay mindful.

A Portrait of MotherhoodMay. 3rd

Motherhood is a gift. Children are a gift. From the moment we first see that little plus on the test, to the first signs of a tiny heartbeat, we are in love. Becoming a mother is such an honor and we must embrace it. Yes, children change our lives, but that change is an essential part of becoming a mother. It’s the hardest, most rewarding thing you can dedicate yourself to.

Once you embark on the journey of motherhood, you learn to appreciate your own mom even more. You finally get a clear understanding of your own parents and how their lives must have changed too. Life has a whole new perspective, but what a beautiful angle.

As we watch our tiny little babies grow, we realize how much we can do and how much we wanna do for them. We reflect on the days of juggling a baby in one arm, putting the laundry in with the other and trying to talk on the phone too. How do we do it all?!

Make sure to keep the photos coming, they grow so fast. That’s a line I never wanted to hear, but I understand it now. It’s true. Enjoy the little moments, just looking at your little ones and cherish them. It really is a gift.

We’ve gathered some images that spell out motherhood, thanks to Google. We hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

motherhoodhand motherhoodquote mothers-day-funny Musings-on-MotherhoodScreen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.53.00 AM

Get Mom or Grandma something they will love, this Mother’s Day. Doodlebug Designs ceramic impressions are a great gift for an occasion.