Lego Party PerfectSep. 23rd

Ever wonder what to do for birthday parties for the kids? Legos are huge right now and kids love them! There are so many sets and some of them can be quite pricey. We recently discovered a company called Pley, that actually rents Lego sets! This is a great way to see what your child is interested in, try out some new sets, test their skills and not have to worry about storing them. Save your feet the trouble too;) You can choose from 250+ different sets and you send them back after you are done. For $15/month, it seems reasonable.

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These are perfect for birthdays, weddings (rent for the kids table), family gatherings, Thanksgiving celebration…gotta keep the kids busy! Choose from boys or girls designs and different types of themes. Princess party? No problem, there are princess ones and girly play sets. Pirate party? Ahoy! They have the right set for you matey! Shipping is free both ways and you can put a few in your queue. Another great idea, is taking them on trips or keeping the kids occupied with the sitter. They are cleaned and sanitized and if you lose a piece…no worries. There are even 3 plans to choose from, if you want to gift this service to someone else! How cool is that? Having a Lego play date? Sign up for Pley. It’s a small investment to make, to get your kid’s brain some exercise and letting them explore their imagination.

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